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Proofreading gift vouchers for your loved ones and colleagues

The gift of education is a precious one to give. If you know someone who is close to finishing a major written project, this could be the gift that makes the difference between an average grade and the pursuit of a top career.


By giving one of our gift vouchers, you can help your loved one or friend to achieve a higher class of degree for their dissertation, to perfect a chapter of their PhD, or to have a better chance at a job application by getting their CV or covering letter proofread.  What's more, when you buy any of the gift vouchers found below, we will give you an extra 10% for free! Take a look and see how you could help someone special in your life.


The vouchers

  • £10 towards a CV and covering letter

    Give the gift of an error-free covering letter and CV to a friend.
  • £20 for that polished essay

    Help someone have a correctly referenced and coherent essay.
  • £50 towards an eloquent thesis chapter

    Allow someone to focus on the ideas, and we’ll focus on perfecting the academic English.
  • £100 for a perfect dissertation

    Everyone knows that a dissertation counts for a lot on any course. We can help with consistency, tense, structure, spelling and grammar – all things that add those vital extra marks.
  • £200 will help someone over the line

    Allow someone to have all of their essays throughout the year proofread and edited, helping them to learn from their mistakes and perfect their writing style in time for their final year project!


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