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All of our proofreaders are highly educated and experienced, and have a passion for proofreading. The majority of our team possess a first-class BA or Master's degree from a top university and/or have completed extensive training in the proofreading industry, with many also holding PhDs. 

As we currently have a full complement of proofreaders, we are only considering applications from highly experienced and qualified individuals at present.

If you do not hold a university degree or have relevant professional experience, you should consider taking our online proofreading course over at our training centre, Proofreading Academy. We guarantee all graduates from Proofreading Academy a position in our freelance team.

Proofreading International cares deeply about the welfare of its team and is committed to ensuring that they have the flexibility they require for a perfect work-life balance.

Furthermore, we regularly liaise with our team to gather feedback to improve our systems, training materials, and every other aspect of our business.

If you feel you meet our criteria and would like to apply, please send in a single-page CV and a brief covering letter to [email protected]