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If you have poured yourself into your words, you will want an experienced editor to help you polish your writing so that it is ready for publication. From whisky-induced whimsical poetry to sobering sci-fi short stories, your writing can be strengthened by an objective review from a trained professional.

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Our team of first-class editors includes published authors and publishing professionals. This combination of expertise and valuable insight is what makes our experts so good at what they do. We can review your:

We Adapt To Your Requirements

Every author has a unique writing style and voice. As such, you need a proofreading service tailored to your requirements.

We are happy to accommodate the individual editing requirements of authors, no matter the content subject or type. We also love working closely with authors and are confident that we can help you perfect your writing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help get your work ready for publication!

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Need your work checked quickly without compromising on quality? You can have 10,000 words reviewed and returned within 24 hours with our Next-Day Guarantee. Not quick enough? Then simply add our Express Service to receive your work in half the time.

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You’ll be delighted by how our service can enhance your writing. And with our free sample offer, you can even see the impact our editing will have on your work before you pay a penny! Upload a 500-word sample of your writing today and use the code 500FREE at checkout.

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