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Elevate Your Ebook

Whether your ebook is a story, a collection of recipes, or an academic treatise, you’ll have put your heart and soul into writing it. And after so much time and work, you’ll want it to be perfect. And this is why you should have an expert editor make sure that it’s free from errors and ready for publication.

Expert Ebook Editors

Our elite editing team includes writers, editors, and publishing professionals. They have helped countless authors perfect their writing, allowing them to publish their books with confidence. Equipped with extensive experience and expertise, our editors will be the perfect choice for you, too.

We Are The Ebook Experts

When you send us your ebook, we will:

  • Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors
  • Fix issues with sentence structure and word choice
  • Preserve your authorial voice while ensuring clarity
  • Highlight possible factual errors or inconsistencies
  • Provide helpful comments with feedback and suggestions
  • Check that your writing style is consistent throughout

We’ll also provide an MS Word Track Changes copy of your work so you can check that each edit we make is in line with your vision for your work.

Our Guarantee

With our Next-Day Guarantee, we can check up to 10,000 words every 24 hours, so your ebook can be reviewed and returned in a flash. If that isn’t fast enough, simply add our Express Service to halve the return time.

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