Poetry Editing

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Impeccable Poetry Perfect For Publication

Whether you’re preparing for self-publication or submitting lofty collections to an industry giant, your poetry will benefit from a professional polish.

Professional Poetry Editors

We are professionals. Our qualified editors have extensive experience and a passion for language, making them the best of the best. As we have poets and publishing professionals on our editing team, we are able to see things from your perspective and from the perspective of the publishing industry. This combination enables our editors to help poets present the best versions of their poetry to the public.

Give Your Poetry A Professional Polish

When one of our experts reviews your poetry, they will elevate your writing without compromising your unique voice. This process includes:

  • Correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Helping you hone your diction and style
  • Offering suggestions that further refine your syntax and word choice
  • Identifying ambiguities or inconsistencies for your consideration
  • Providing thoughtful critiques to help you advance your writing

And because we provide an MS Word Track Changes copy of your document, you’ll be able to review each edit made, giving you ultimate creative control over your work.

Our Next-Day Guarantee

We can review and return your poetry within 24 hours! Can’t wait that long? Add our Express Service and we’ll get your work back to you twice as fast.

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We’re proud of our poetry editing service; try us for free today and you’ll see why! Simply upload a 500-word sample and use the code 500FREE at checkout.

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