Grant Proposal Editing And Proofreading

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Expert Grant Proposal Proofreading

Whether you’re a self-employed artist or a fundraiser for a charity, preparing a strong grant proposal is never simple. You need to be clear and concise, setting out why you need funding and what you will do with it. But you also need your application to be error free, even if you’re racing to meet a deadline. And this is where our expert grant proposal proofreading can help.

Our editors will put the final touches on your grant application, boosting your chances of securing funding. We can also help with academic funding applications for both students and researchers. Just let us know what you need.

Our Grant Proposal Editing Service

If you submit a document to our grant proposal editing service, we will:

  • Correct any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors
  • Maintain a professional tone throughout
  • Help you set out your ideas clearly and concisely
  • Highlight passages that may need clarifying or expanding upon
  • Leave helpful feedback on writing style in comments

And when we’re done, you’ll receive two copies of your edited proposal:

  • A ‘Clean’ copy in the original file format
  • A Track Changes copy saved as a Microsoft Word document

This ‘Track Changes’ copy will display every edit we make, so you can review our work and make any final changes as required. And if you’re using a file format that doesn’t support Track Changes, we’ll adapt our process to match.

Fast Proofreading And Editing

Application deadline on the horizon? Then you’ll be glad to hear about our Express and Rapid services, which offer even speedier return times:

  • Regular – Up to 10,000 words checked within 24 hours
  • Express – Documents returned in as little as 8 hours
  • Rapid – Your application proofread in as little as 3 hours

Just select a service speed on upload and we’ll do the rest.

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