Dyslexia Editing And Proofreading

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Write With Freedom

Too many people with dyslexia feel like they’re ‘bad’ writers. But people with dyslexia can write just as brilliantly as anyone else. Dyslexic brains do process information differently, though, which can make spelling and grammar tricky.

But you know who can help you with that? A proofreader. And with us on your side, you can write with freedom and confidence.

Experienced Editors

We have experience with all kinds of writing and all kinds of writers.

This includes working with many dyslexic clients, so we know what to look for when proofreading your work. And if you have any requests for how we approach your writing, just let us know.

Professional Proofreading

When you submit your writing to us, one of our proofreaders will:

  • Make sure your spelling and word choice are perfect throughout
  • Fix any other typos or punctuation errors
  • Check the grammar and sentence structure are correct
  • Highlight passages that could be clearer or more concise
  • Ensure the tone and style of the writing fits the document

You’ll have complete control over the final version, too. To guarantee this, we send you an MS Word Track Changes copy of your document. And this means you can approve every single edit.

Academic Proofreading

Some universities will cover proofreading costs for students and researchers with dyslexia. Check with your university or research council to see if you are eligible for funding.

Our Next-Day Guarantee

We never rush proofreading, but we take pride in our speedy service. That’s why we offer a Next-Day Guarantee on documents of up to 10,000 words. And if that’s too long to wait, try our Express Service for the same results in half the time.

Try Us For Free

We’re confident that we offer the best proofreading service around. But why just claim this when we can show you? Upload a 500-word sample of your writing today and use the code 500FREE at checkout to find out what we can do.

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