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You have big ideas to share. But to do this with confidence, you need to know that everyone will understand you. And this can be tricky if English isn’t your first language. What you need, then, is someone to help with the small details like spelling and grammar. And whatever you're writing, from a simple email to an entire novel, that’s where we come in.

ESL Proofreading For Students

Getting your ideas across clearly and concisely is vital in academic writing. But you’ll want to focus on the substance of your paper, not the grammar and spelling.

So to make sure your get the grades you deserve, it pays to have your work checked by a professional.

ESL Editing For Businesses

Business is an international affair these days. And the international language of business is English. But since mistakes can be costly, you’ll want to make sure your business writing is error free. And as such, expert proofreading from a native English speaker is a great investment.

ESL Editing Experts

Our editors have worked with clients from all around the world. As such, we understand what to look for when editing an ESL document. And if you’d like feedback on grammar, spelling, or even writing style, we’ll be happy to help.

ESL Proofreading And Editing

When you submit your document, one of our editors will:

  • Find and correct any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Check that everything reads smoothly
  • Highlight areas that could be clearer or more concise
  • Ensure that your word choice and tone suit the document
  • Offer helpful advice on vocabulary and writing style

You’ll also have complete control over the final draft. To ensure this, we send you an MS Word Track Changes copy of your document. You can then use this to review every change we make.

Our Next-Day Guarantee

Got a lot to say? Then you’ll be glad to hear that we proofread up to 10,000 words every 24 hours. And to get the same amount checked in half the time, you can select our outstanding Express Service.

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