Uploading And Upgrading Your Document

Details of how to upload a document to our website, as well as information on how to upgrade, amend, or add services once uploaded.

My university, research institution, or company will be paying for my proofreading or editing. Can you provide an invoice?

Of course! Just email us your document and let us know who we should make out the invoice to. We will then upload your work and provide an invoice to pass on to the party completing the payment. As soon as the invoice is paid, we’ll begin working on your document.

I have extra information for my proofreader, but I've already uploaded my document. Can I contact them somehow?

Of course. Simply email us your comments and we can pass them on.

I have uploaded the wrong document. What should I do?

If you have uploaded the wrong document, contact our customer support team immediately.

We will stop editing the document as soon as we are made aware of the situation. We always try our best to credit you for any work that hasn’t been completed yet, but we will be unable to do so for any work that has already been carried out.

I am having trouble uploading my document. Can you help?

We’re really sorry you are having problems. If you cannot upload your work, please email it to us and let us know what technical issues you are experiencing (with a screenshot of any error if possible).

We will then upload your document and have our team look into the problem.

What should I put for 'Subject' during upload?

When you upload a document for proofreading or editing, it is important to include a subject. This helps us pair your work with an editor who has experience or a qualification in that subject area.

Select A Subject For Proofreading

We have a smart auto-complete function on the subject box to help standardise the subjects you can enter (e.g. finance and accounting, marketing, education). However, you can also enter a custom subject if required.

Can I add a purchase order on upload?

Yes. Simply let us know you want to do this when adding a document to our system and we will change your account so a purchase order field displays during upload.

Adding A Purchase Order To Proofreading Service

You can retroactively add a purchase order to documents from your user area, too. Once a purchase order has been added, your receipt will be instantly updated to include it.

Can I upgrade the delivery speed once I've paid for my document?

Absolutely! You can upgrade the delivery speed of your document after upload within your user area.

Simply find your document and click ‘Upgrade Now’ next to the aeroplane (Express) or rocket (Rapid) icons.

Upgrade Express Delivery Proofreading And Editing

How do I select a referencing style?

Selecting a referencing style is easy. When you upload a document, we will ask you to ‘Brief your editor’, which involves selecting a referencing style from a dropdown menu.

Selecting Harvard Referencing For Proofreading

We provide a list of the most common referencing styles during upload. However, if your chosen referencing style is not listed, select ‘Other’ and use the comment box to let us know which system you’re using. You can also use the comment box to leave extra instructions for your editor, such as which version of a referencing style to use.