Your Completed Document

Information on how to access your completed document and answers to common questions you may have about your proofread document.

I am not happy with the formatting. Can you redo it?

With our formatting service, we aim to work to your exact instructions. In the absence of specific instructions, we work to an in-house formatting guide and focus on making sure your document is clear, consistent, and readable.

If you feel that the formatting applied does not match the instructions or style guide you provided, let us know and we will investigate the problem.

I have made some changes to my document. Can you look at my work again?

Of course! You have a couple of options here:

  1. Submit the whole document again and we will edit it at a 30% discounted rate.
  2. Highlight the sections you have changed and submit your edited document.

We can then calculate how many words need proofreading or editing again and charge you only for that much of the document. In both cases, email us the document and we will upload it to your account.

How do I leave a rating or review for my document?

To leave a rating for your document, simply log into your user area and click the number of stars you want to give it (with five stars being the best).

Rating Proofread Document

Once you have rated your document, we may contact you to ask for more information. If you aren’t 100% happy with any part of our service, then please contact us. We are always here to help!

Is it possible for my editor to create a reference list?

Unfortunately, we do not create reference lists as part of our services. We do, however, ensure your references are formatted in line with your specified referencing style and highlight issues that may require further attention.

How do I access my receipt?

You can access your receipt from your order details within your user area.

Simply log in, navigate to ‘My Docs’, and click on the document you require the receipt for to display your order information. At the bottom left of the box, click the ‘Receipt’ button to download your receipt.

Proofreading Receipt Download

I don't think my references are correct. What can I do?

Different referencing styles have different rules. Some, like APA, have a well-defined set of rules. Others, like Harvard, are generic referencing styles that may vary in detail between publishers and organisations. Our service includes ensuring consistency with a given referencing style, but we are not able to change your referencing from an existing style to a new one.

If our changes are not in line with your referencing requirements, it could be that you didn’t specify the exact version of the system you are using when you uploaded your document. If you are using an in-house referencing style (e.g. one specified in a university style guide), then, let us know so your future documents will follow your requirements.

If you think that we’ve missed specific issues in your referencing, though, contact us and we’ll do our best to correct them.

I added the wrong service. What should I do?

If you have added a service by accident, contact our customer support team immediately. We will address the problem as soon as we are made aware of it.

When we are able to remove the service we will, and we will always try our best to credit you for any work that hasn’t been completed yet, but we will be unable to do so for any work that has already been carried out.

I think the editor missed some of my instructions. Can you fix this?

Please check your instructions are covered by the service you selected (you can see a breakdown of each service on the Services tab at the top of this page).

If we’ve missed something you think we should have done, get in touch – we’ll remedy the situation straight away!

Will you send me my document when it is ready?

Once your work has been checked, we will send an email with a link to your user area so that you can log in and download your document.

If you haven’t received your notification of your document being completed and it is past the return time, please let us know.

I liked the proofreading on my free sample better than on my paid document. Why were they different?

It is important to note that proofreading styles can vary slightly. We try and use the same proofreader or editor who completed your sample on the full document, but they aren’t always available.

If you prefer how your free sample was edited, we can try to assign your work to that proofreader in the future. If you’d like to try this, let us know.

I preferred the editing or proofreading on a previous document. Can I request my previous proofreader or editor in the future?

We can usually allocate your documents to a preferred proofreader or editor. Simply email us to let us know which document you liked the best (include the order ID for the document) and we will do our best to make sure your future documents are assigned to the same editor.

Please note that this may cause a delay in returning your work, as your preferred proofreader may not always be available when you submit, but we’ll let you know if it will take longer than the return time shown on upload.

My word count has been reduced. Can you get it back to the original length?

We do not change text to preserve a word count when proofreading. If the word count has been reduced slightly, it will be because we’ve removed repeated or unnecessary words to ensure clarity. We can’t add anything new to your work while proofreading to boost the word count.

With our editing service, if you included a target word count when uploading and feel we have removed too many words, let us know.

Why did you not make more changes during proofreading?

First, please ensure you are viewing the Track Changes version of your document. Occasionally, customers will accidentally view the clean version of their completed document rather than the version that shows the edits we’ve made. Alternatively, if your document was well written, we may not have needed to make a large number of changes. It could be that your writing only needed a polish.

If you believe your document hasn’t been proofread or edited to the standard you were expecting or that we missed specific errors, please let us know.

I think there are mistakes in my completed document. What should I do?

If there are still errors in your document, it will usually be because we could not fix them without further information or substantially rewriting content. In these cases, we would have noted the issues in comments instead. For student work, it is very important that we don’t rewrite any content due to plagiarism rules.

If you believe that there are mistakes that we should have fixed, please let us know. If you can provide examples of where you think we’ve missed something, it will really help us in establishing the best solution.

You missed my guaranteed return time! What will you do?

We pride ourselves on proofreading and editing documents to a high standard within the deadlines promised. If you feel we’ve not done this in your case, let us know and we’ll be sure to put it right!

I can't see any changes to the proofread document you've just returned to me! How do I view the edits?

This is a common problem, so don’t worry! We use Track Changes in Word documents, so to view the edits we make:

  1. Open the Track Changes copy of your document
  2. Select Review on the ribbon at the top of the page
  3. Change the tracking to All Markup (this may have said No Markup, Original, or Simple Markup before)

MSWord Track Changes Show All Changes

We have also created a detailed description of how to use MS Word’s Track Changes tool. If you are still having problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Where do I find my completed document?

When your work has been completed, you will receive an email notification. This will contain a link to the document in your user area.

Downloading Your Completed Proofread Document

If you don’t think you’ve received this email, it’s worth checking your junk mail.

If you definitely have not received the email and the document is not in your user area, get in touch with our support team to let us know the order number for your document and we’ll send it to you.

I can't open my document! What should I do?

We’re sorry you’re experiencing difficulties.

If you take a screenshot of the error message you’re receiving and email it to our support team, we will investigate the problem and help you get it sorted.