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Land Your Dream Job With A Polished Resume

Your resume should grab the attention of employers. You thus need to make sure it is professional, easy to read, and error free. Whether you’re applying for a promotion or exploring a new career path, then, our resume proofreading services could help you secure that all-important interview.

Need An Expert Resume Editor? We Can Help

A good resume editor needs to know what employers look for in candidates. They need to know how a great resume is formatted. They need to know how to strike a professional, confident tone of voice. And since our expert editors have helped thousands of people prepare winning resumes, we know exactly what it takes.

Our Resume Editing Services

As part of our resume proofreading services, we will:

  • Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors
  • Make sure your writing is professional in tone
  • Edit for concision and clarity on the page
  • Check that the structure is clear and coherent
  • Address issues related to ambiguity or inconsistency
  • Provide helpful feedback and suggestions in comments

And you don’t have to worry about losing control over your document, as we will provide two copies of your resume when we’re done:

  • A ‘Clean’ copy in the original file format
  • An MS Word Track Changes copy

In this second copy, you will find every edit we make highlighted for review. And if your chosen file format doesn’t support Track Changes, we can adapt our process.

Professional Resume Formatting

We are experts at formatting resumes to make them look professional. Simply add our document formatting service to see what we can do for you.

Fast Proofreading And Editing

Application deadline looming? Then pick a service speed to match:

  • Regular – Up to 10,000 words checked in 24 hours
  • Express – Documents returned in as little as 8 hours
  • Rapid – Your resume edited in as little as 3 hours

Simply select the service required when you upload your document to our site.

Try Our Resume Proofreading For Free

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