Our resource zone helps improve your writing

Writing essays, dissertations, theses and all other types of academic documents can be extremely daunting. Proofread My Essay believes that students should receive as much FREE help and advice as possible; we have designed this resource area based upon that ideology. We hope the area will save you time and enable you to improve your written English.

Through proofreading countless dissertations, essays, and theses, we have identified some of the most problematic areas and listed them below.

English Help

After reading thousands of pieces of academic work, we see similar mistakes crop up time and again. In order to help students to learn from their mistakes, we decided to put together our English Help area.

Here, we cover all aspects of the English language that you will need to use in an academic environment.

To extend beyond this, we have also covered tips on writing specific pieces of work too. So if you're writing your dissertation, we've provided specific tips that will help you structure your work in a more meaningful manner.

Finally, we have been listing all of the various types of referencing by providing model examples of each type and each source.


Referencing Tools

We've created specific referencing tools to help you quickly and simply create perfectly formed references, saving you from the heartache of creating each of them individually yourself.

Harvard Referencing Tool

Our Harvard referencing tool has proven to be very popular. In the two years that it has been on our site, we have helped thousands of students create tens of thousands of Harvard references, both for their in-text citations, and their reference list.

APA Referencing Tool

Our APA referencing tool works just like our Harvard tool. It will allow you to quickly and easily create references, both in-text citations and reference lists.

MLA Referencing Tool

MLA has specific differences to the above two referencing styles. We are working hard to create an MLA referencing tool that will take the hassle away from creating in-text citations and reference lists manually.