Writing Guides

Welcome to the Proofed writing guides area. We have developed these guides to provide everyone with clear and concise writing help for commonly written documents. We’ve taken our expertise and shared them with everyone who wants to write better content. Click on the writing guide below to read the guide online or you can download our handy PDFs from the sidebar.

About Proofed Resources

Proofed resources have been designed with the author in mind. We have taken the top questions we receive when editing work and the topics covered on our writing tips blog and compiled them into helpful, easy-to-use resources.

The aim is to help everyone write better content through best-in-class education on topics where we can really use our team’s expertise to produce value to our customers and the wider world of writing. If you would like a resource adding to this page simply contact us and ask—we are here to help. If you would like a document proofreading or editing then you can submit via our upload page.

How To Use The Resources

All of the resources you can see on here today are free to use. We retain copyright over the resource itself, however there is unrestricted use for individuals and personal use. They cannot be resold or publicly replicated unless prior written permission is obtained. Contact us if you have any questions.