7 Student Money-Saving Tips

The end of term is approaching and finances are always going to be tough when you’re studying. It’s expensive enough to buy all the books you need for essay writing, without also having to eat, buy clothes and (of course) party!

So, if your wallet is looking pretty empty, take a look at our seven money-saving tips.

1. Don’t Let Debts Slide!

If you’ve been living in student accommodation, you’ll understand how difficult it is to keep track of who owes what to whom. However, free apps like Unihouse and Splitwise can help to keep track of those fivers that get forgotten.

2. Get Paid to Visit the Pub

It seems too good to be true, but Serve Legal actually pays young looking people to be mystery visitors to pubs and off licences to see if they will get asked for ID. Talk about a dream job!

3. Make a Budget

OK, so you may partying than sitting at home making a spreadsheet. But there are some great budgeting apps out there for tracking your weekly spend and comparing prices at the supermarket, so budgeting doesn’t have to be hard work.

4. Get a Student Bank Account

Even if you already have a bank account, special student accounts can help you to earn interest on your loan and may even provide special perks, like a free student railcard, saving you hundreds of pounds.

Just be careful not to end up in debt, as these accounts usually come with a hefty overdraft. If yours does, think about reducing it to £200 at most, to keep your debts manageable.

5. Look for an Independent Landlord

Although you may feel safer going through an agency, they do not necessarily provide better service than an independent landlord. They may also charge extortionate fees when you move in or renew a contract.

Use sites like Gumtree to find independently owned properties. And be sure to check out your rights as a tenant.

6. Reuse and Recycle!

Before you buy anything, get into the habit of checking out sites like Freegle and Freecycle to see if anyone in your area is giving away what you want!

7. Sub-Let your House

If your whole house is going to be away for summer or Christmas, consider letting out your house on Airbnb. It’s quick, easy, and could mean you actually get paid for taking holidays!

Alternatively, if you’re out all day and live in London, consider letting out your room for the day to a freelancer on vrumi.com. Just make sure your check out your tenancy agreement first!



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