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Historical Terms: BC/AD or BCE/CE?

In 1995 BC, Pharaoh Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II of Egypt died. In AD 1995, on the other hand, Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ was released. These are quite different events, so it’s lucky that we...

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APA Referencing – Citing a Website

With more and more research now done online, knowing how to cite a website is an essential skill for any university student. In this blogpost, we explain the rules for doing this with APA referencing....

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Harvard Referencing – Citing e-Books

We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that modern students have much healthier spines than those who went to university even a few years ago. After all, thanks to e-books, students now don’t have t...

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APA Referencing – Citing a Newspaper Article

There may be occasions when you need to cite a newspaper article in an essay, such as when writing about the media or discussing something that was in the news. However, depending on the referencing s...

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Harvard Referencing – How to Cite Websites

With so much information now available online, it’s hardly surprising that most students end up citing websites in their academic work. But since most referencing systems focus on traditional source...

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How to Quote Sources with APA Referencing

APA style referencing – developed by the American Psychological Association – is used for citing sources by academics in the social and behavioural sciences around the world. It’s therefore no s...

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