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MHRA Referencing – Conference Proceedings

After an academic conference, the papers presented are often published as ‘conference proceedings’. These are very valuable to students, as they let you cite work from conferences without the hass...

Word Choice: Bought vs. Brought

We love a good ‘bring-and-buy’ sale (along with car boots and flea markets; any excuse to root around in boxes of old tat, basically). But we’re not such big fans of the constituent words, espec...

Essay Tips: The 4 Types of Essay

Every essay is different, depending on the subject matter. Nevertheless, we can still sort essays into four broad ‘types’: expository essays, descriptive essays, persuasive essays and narrative es...

MHRA Referencing – Citing a Website

Still using books when researching an essay? You might as well be living in the Stone Age. All of the cool kids* are using the internet these days! But even in this glorious digital future, you still ...