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Tense Use in Essays: Past vs. Present

It’s mostly time travellers who worry about the more convoluted aspects of grammatical tense, but the issue of tense use in academic writing is, nonetheless, controversial. To be specific, there is ...

26 March 2016 | 0 comments



Writing Tips: Shortening Sentences

In both education and business, writing succinctly is a valuable skill. One simple way to achieve this is by shortening sentences, as often we use more words than necessary, which can make writing see...

25 February 2016 | 0 comments



How to Write the Date in an Essay

You probably see the date written down (or displayed on a screen) dozens of times every day. You might even have to write it out yourself if you’re booking an appointment or organising your schedule...

31 January 2016 | 0 comments



How to Construct a Good Argument

Something often overlooked in academic writing is that a good essay must present a good argument. Admittedly, not a shouting-at-each-other-until-red-in-the-face kind of argument (although I’ve seen ...

15 December 2015 | 0 comments



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