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Price calculator

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Our highly qualified and experienced professional team are experts at academic proofreading within all disciplines. They will correct errors in your essays, coursework, dissertations, research papers and theses. Our proofreaders thoroughly analyse your document and understand the target audience that it is written for.

We offer an unmatchable Next-Day Guarantee to ensure that we will return your work in under 24-hours, as long as it is under 10,000 words. If that isn't fast enough, simply add our 12- hour Express Service at checkout.


What we cover

  • Papers
  • Theses
  • Journals
  • LaTeX documents

We accept .doc and .docx file types via our website. We can
also proofread Power-Point presentations, Excel files, and
more. Please contact [email protected]
for a quote today.


How we help

Our proofreaders possess extensive experience in offering
a range of English proofreading services throughout all
academic disciplines.

We offer excellent value for your money, see our
prices for more details.

We adhere strictly to deadlines and deliver high-quality
proofreading and editing services within the
agreed time.

Our online service is convenient, quick and easy to use.

We offer proofreading services in American, Australian,
British, and Canadian English.

We maintain complete confidentiality regarding
your documents.