Dissertation Proofreading

We have helped thousands of students to achieve better grades. By having your work proofread and formatted by academic experts, you could achieve your true potential and get the grade that you deserve.

Through proofreading over 30,000 dissertations in the past three years alone, we have found that our proofreader service, on average, increases marks by 4-6%, and, where customers have followed our comments, they have been able to further improve their mark by 1-3%. Finally, anyone who has additionally ordered our formatting service has benefited by another 2-4%. Make sure that you get all of these marks, today!


Who Can Benefit?

If you're a student, or a professional, writing a dissertation on any subject, you can have it proofread and so acquire the best final draft for submission.


Why Us?

We are specialists in proofreading dissertations from all subjects and at any level, whether you are in your final year of an undergraduate course, or the final months of your master's degree.


Our Dissertation Proofreading Service:

  • Improves your academic language
  • Helps perfect your grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Helps make your references consistent, according to your chosen style
  • Can include text formatting, table of contents, page numbering, charts and tables, diagrams and figures (if formatting is selected)

Competitive Service
Whether you submit your dissertation in one go, or chapter-by-chapter, we can ensure that each individual chapter is accurate, written in the correct tense, and clearly presented. This is what makes our dissertation proofreading service so competitive.


Faster Delivery

In addition to our outstanding proofreading, we ensure that the deadline is met every time. Our services are delivered quickly, without compromising the quality of the end product. We guarantee a 24-hour return time for documents that are 10,000 words or less. In many cases, documents are returned before the allotted time.

We also provide a 12-hour Express Service for those with immediate deadlines at a slightly higher rate.

Upload your document now or submit a 500-word free sample to see what we can do for you today.