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LaTeX Proofreading

Have your LaTeX document proofread by one of our expert proofreaders!

We understand the work that goes into creating a well-formed LaTeX document. We also understand that these documents, whether they are research focused, journal articles, or full PhD theses, can be the culmination of an entire academic career. Therefore, we have created a process to proofread these complex documents.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Email in your TeX files
  2. We will convert these to MS Word to create a word count, as well as an editable file to enable us to use Track Changes
  3. We will let you know the cost of the project
  4. Once approved, we will send you an invoice for the amount due
  5. When received, we will begin proofreading your work right away
  6. After we have completed the proofreading process and all of our final checks, we will paste the Clean Copy of the MS Word document back into the individual TeX files leaving the code intact
  7. We will then email you all of the files, as well as the MS Track Changes and Clean Copy files.

All of our professional proofreaders have a master's degree, whilst most hold a PhD in their respective field, and know exactly what it takes to perfect a complex document. Our proofreaders are experts in grammar, spelling, word choice, syntax, language, punctuation and structure.

Although LaTeX offers fantastic formatting, it is not as established when it comes to the proofreading and editing aspects of your hard work. Leave that to the professionals, let an expert LaTeX editor perfect your LaTeX document.