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PhD Proofreading

Add value to your PhD thesis with our proofreading and formatting services

Pass your viva with an immaculate thesis by having your work proofread, edited, and enhanced by professionally acclaimed proofreaders – all at a very competitive price!

Whether it is a complex thesis written in LaTeX, a deep philosophical piece, or a thorough law thesis, writing a quality thesis as a native speaker, let alone in a second language, can be extremely daunting. We ensure that your thesis is succinct, consistent, and most of all, free of flaws.

Who Can Benefit?

You could be a Master's or PhD student wanting to submit a flawless and well-structured thesis or dissertation, and/or a student with English as a second language. Anybody submitting their thesis, and wanting to perfect it, can approach us; we'll be happy to guide you through our process.

Why Us?

  • Experienced and qualified team of professionals

    All our editors hold a degree from leading UK universities and are comprehensively experienced to produce the best results.

  • Confidential service

    You can feel secure and safe when it comes to handing over your work to us; we'll never sell, share or publish your work or personal details with any third party.

  • Respecting your deadline

    We value and understand the importance of deadlines, hence we are committed to delivering your work on time, without fail.

Getting your work professionally proofread will result in an overall improved thesis. It will also help you to understand your errors for future work.

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