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  • Urgent proofreading

    £ 24.00

Why wait 24 hours, when 12 can do?

For an additional £10.00 per 1,000 words we can proofread all documents under 10,000 words in 12 hours, guaranteed.

If your document is 10,000 to 20,000 words, we will guarantee to return it in under 24 hours.

We are the only proofreading company to offer a guaranteed 12-hour service and whether you are a native student or an ESL/international student, our rates for our Express Service are considerably cheaper than other proofreading companies' 24-hour service.

By having proofreaders available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and by perfecting our document management and quality review process, we are able to offer this lightning-fast Express Service.

At Proofread My Essay, we never compromise on quality, even with our unbelievable turnaround times. We understand not everyone has time on their side and therefore through demand we now cater for those tight deadlines through our Express Service.

So if you are on a tight deadline and don't want to compromise on quality, submit your work to the professionals.

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