Novel Proofreading Service for NaNoWriMo Participants


NaNoWrimo is quickly approaching, are you prepared for the marathon write of the year?


On 1st November, many budding writers will be grabbing their preferred writing paraphernalia and throwing themselves into the mammoth task of writing a 50,000-word novel in one month, for National Novel Writing Month. That’s right, on the 30th November, midnight, the competition will come to an end.


With thousands of participants, this global literary game has been a great catalyst in getting writers to write; many of which go on to publish the novels they develop for NaNoWriMo. The basic goal is simply to write, and then write some more. For some tips on novel preparation, why not check out our blog, just to make sure you are ready when it is time to start your novel. If you have your plot planned, and your main characters developed before you even start, you’ll be in a better place to start writing, and more likely to finish by the deadline!


After a month of furious writing, you’ll likely be left with many great gems in your work, but also quite a lot of waffle. Due to this, before your manuscript is ready for sending to publishers, it will need a little love. This is the time when a novelist needs a proofreader or editor; be it your best friend, your spouse, a colleague, or a professional proofreader. As most writers know, after spending so much time close to a piece of writing, you can become too familiar and overlook errors, this is why it can be better to have a completely fresh pair of eyes take a look at it for you.


Here at PI, we understand how much work goes into the writing of a novel, and how many mistakes such a rushed process can result in. Therefore, we have developed our service to further cater for novelists, to make polishing your story even easier. We can accommodate novelists to suit individual needs, if there are particular areas you would like one of our specialists to focus on, you can let us know.


We are offering a 25% discount, for any NaNoWriMo participant who chooses to send us their manuscript. You can either send us the whole 50,000-word novel in the week following NaNoWriMo, and have it edited all at once, or you can send it to us as you go along and we can allocate your work to one specific proofreader to ensure consistency of tone. The latter option will mean that you have an edited piece of work by the time you finish the competition, which means you can get right on preparing your work for publication. Our aim is to help encourage aspiring novelists to continue with their manuscripts and see the process right through to the end.


If you are interested in this aspect of our service, and to inquire how to receive this discount, please email our friendly admin team at