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The Art Of Academic Writing

Academic writing is a specific skill. And to succeed in education, you will need to develop a strong academic writing style. This means being able to express your ideas clearly and concisely, as well as mastering academic referencing.

This isn't easy, though, especially when you're a busy student. Which is where we come in. Getting your work proofread will mean you can be confident of submitting work that is free from typos, as well as giving you more time to focus on your studies, thereby boosting your chances of success.

Academic Proofreading Professionals

Our specialist academic proofreading team is composed of some of the best editors in the business, including researchers and tutors with a wealth of experience working on academic material. As such, we specialise in enhancing academic writing, with a particular emphasis on:

Next-Day Guarantee

Academic life is packed with deadlines. That’s why we guarantee any document under 10,000 words will be edited and returned within 24 hours. No time to lose? We have a 12-hour Express Service just for you.

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