Google Docs Proofreading And Editing

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Professional Google Docs Editing

Google Docs is a web-based word processor run by everyone’s favourite omnipresent search engine, offering a great free alternative to Microsoft Word and Pages, especially if you’re sharing documents with colleagues or clients.

But while Google Docs poses a challenge to traditional word processors, you cannot replace expert editing! So make sure to try our Google Docs proofreading service and get your Google documents checked with Proofed.

Our Process

To submit a document to our Google Docs proofreading service:

  1. Go to our upload page
  2. Click ‘Browse or drag & drop your file’ and select ‘From Google Drive’

  3. Select the document and accept the sharing permissions via Google Docs
  4. Select either proofreading or editing as required
  5. Brief your editor and complete your payment
  6. Let us match you with the perfect Google Docs proofreader
  7. Wait for an email confirming your document is ready

You can access your edited Google document via a link to Google Drive that we’ll share in your user area. After this, you can review our work using the Suggested Edits feature in Google Docs, accepting or rejecting individual changes as you see fit. This ensures you’re always in complete control of your work.

Fast Editing And Proofreading

Need a document checked without a minute to waste? We offer three speed options with our Google Docs editing services:

  • Regular – Up to 10,000 words checked in 24 hours
  • Express – Documents returned in as little as 8 hours
  • Rapid – Your document edited in as little as 3 hours

Simply pick a speed based on how soon you need the document returned.

Other Formats

As well as Google documents, we can check the following file types:

Microsoft Word Documents . PDF Files . PowerPoint Presentations

RTF Files . Plain Text Files

LaTeX Files . Excel Spreadsheets

For more on the file formats you can submit, click here.

Try Us For Free

Want to see how our Google Docs proofreading services work? Then submit a 500-word sample document today and use the code 500FREE at checkout.

Example Edit

Original Version

Edited Version

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