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by ProofreadMyEssay

Welcome To The ProofreadMyEssay Writing Tips Blog

The key to great writing is using the rules of language to enhance, frame, and express your ideas in as clear a way as possible. We have developed this set of writing tips to help individuals learn the best practices for achieving excellent writing.

We want to create a writing resource for everyone to benefit from and contribute to. We will post new writing tips weekly on a range of topics including spelling, word choice, grammar, and referencing. If you are a business, author, professional, student, researcher, or you’re just interested in reading, let us know if there is something we can post for you or a question we can answer.

Why We’re Here

We provide proofreading and editing services to thousands of customers annually, and as a part of that process we suggest alterations and improvements to their written English. During the editing process we insert comments into the documents we receive to help our customers learn from our changes and improve their writing and understanding of the English language.

These comments link to helpful articles providing in-depth explanations about the alteration, providing more detail than we could in a comment, along with the core principles behind the change and some background information. Whether the topic’s Harvard Referencing, or when you should use their, there, or they’re, we have you covered.

Immerse Yourself And Enjoy

We hope that you love reading and learning from our tips on writing; we would love you to leave any comments and questions you may have regarding any of the topics we cover. We’re also committed to lifelong learning, so if you have any suggestions for new articles or you spot a mistake, please do let us know!

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