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Word Choice Sew, Sow or So
Word Choice: Sew, Sow or So?

Despite sounding identical, the words ‘sew’, ‘sow’ and ‘so’ have completely different meanings. As a result, they can be quite confusing if you’re not sure about the differences. But to ...

Word Choice Ton vs. Tonne
Word Choice: Ton vs. Tonne

We have a ton of proofreading to do right now! Or should that be a ‘tonne’? We won’t blame you if you’re not sure, as there aren’t many words in English that are easier to mix up than ton an...

Word Choice Steal vs. Steel
Word Choice: Steal vs. Steel

Like many homophones, ‘steal’ and ‘steel’ sound the same yet differ in meaning. But these terms can be extra tricky, as both have noun and verb uses. So to make sure you always use the right w...

Vocabulary Tips What Is a Portmanteau – 1
Vocabulary Tips: What Is a Portmanteau?

Ever stopped at a motel for brunch? Or perhaps for a portmanteau or two? These are words, like motel and brunch, formed by mixing two other terms. Some are common in speech and writing, so you may hav...