Short Story Editing Services

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Make Every Word Count

A good short story should grip readers from the first line and leave them wanting more. And when your word count is limited, every sentence matters. That’s why we offer a specialist short story proofreading service.

With this service, as well as eliminating errors, one of our expert editors can help you refine your writing, ensuring your short stories always pack a punch. So get in touch today and let us help you prepare for publication.

We’re Experienced Short Story Editors

Our short story editors are the best in the business. In fact, our team includes authors and publishing professionals, so we understand what makes a great short story. But we also know how important your authorial voice is, and we can adapt our short story proofreading services to suit your requirements.

Short Story Proofreading And Editing

As part of our short story editing services, we can:

  • Eradicate any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors
  • Make edits for readability, focusing on sentence structure
  • Check that text and dialogue are correctly presented
  • Preserve your authorial voice throughout
  • Offer thoughtful suggestions to help you improve your story

And when we’re done, we’ll provide two copies of your edited document:

  • A ‘Clean’ copy in the original file format
  • An MS Word Track Changes copy with all edits highlighted

You can use this second copy to review our work, so you are always in control of the final draft. And if you’re using a file format that doesn’t support Track Changes, we will adapt our process to match.

Fast Proofreading And Editing

We offer three service speeds, so you never have to wait for great proofreading:

  • Regular – Up to 10,000 words checked every 24 hours
  • Express – Documents returned in as little as 8 hours
  • Rapid – Documents edited in as little as 3 hours

Simply select the service required when you upload your document to our site.

Try Us For Free

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