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Whether you’re a writer or a publisher, you’ll want your magazine articles to be perfect before the public sees them. This means that they need to be error free and easy to read. And this is why you need a professional proofreader.

Article Editing From The Experts

When you send us a magazine article, our expert editors will:

  • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues
  • Check that the article is well structured and easy to follow
  • Note any passages that could be clearer or more concise
  • Make sure the tone of writing is consistent and appropriate

You’ll then be able to check our work. And to make this simple, we send you an MS Word Track Changes copy of your document with all changes shown.

Professional Magazine Proofreading

Correcting an error after publication is often a hassle. And this makes professional proofreading essential. Our editors will:

  • Correct any typos or errors missed by the author
  • Make sure that copy is clear, concise, and a pleasure to read
  • Check that your editorial guidelines have been followed
  • Fix inconsistencies in style or, if required, formatting

This will produce a high-quality article, ready for publication. And with all edits shown in the Track Changes copy, you can review every change made.

Our Next-Day Guarantee

Working to a tight deadline? No problem. Our Next-Day Guarantee means we can check any document of up to 10,000 words within 24 hours.

And with our Express Service, you’ll have your articles back in half that time. So there is always time for proofreading!

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We like to think we’re generous types. That’s why we want you to try our service for free. Simply upload a 500-word sample of writing and use the code 500FREE at checkout to see what we can do.

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