Novel, Book and Manuscript Proofreading Services in the UK

Novel Proofreading

Publish a Flawless Book, Novel or Manuscript

Get your novel or book proofread by experts before it goes for publishing. A professionally proofread novel will be more likely to be published than one that isn’t. We have been offering fiction proofreading services for several years and have now built up a large client-base across the globe.

Novel/Book Proofreading

The world of publishing is fiercely competitive. Every day editors discard hundreds of submissions and manuscripts. There are myriad choices at any bookshop. How can you catch the attention of your readers? By offering an error-free, well-written novel! All novels are proofread by experienced professionals. All errors are corrected and checks are completed professionally. This includes checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Manuscript Proofreading

Completing a manuscript is a challenge that requires great determination and effort. You have put every effort into writing a great manuscript, but it loses its essence if it is riddled with errors. We will proofread and edit your manuscript for spelling and grammar, clarity, punctuation, readability, consistency and other errors to ready it for publication.

Who Can Benefit?

Prospective authors, published authors, or avid story tellers and novelists who are seeking professional assistance to perfect their work before submitting for publishing.

Why Us?

We have typeset and proofread a variety of books, novels and manuscripts, the majority of which have been published, both online and in traditional physical format. We will ensure that our proofreader works closely with you to understand the style and tone you want to create. Our rich experience and high quality of our services will surely help you to deliver the best product to your readers.

Irrespective of the word count, we can proofread your manuscript to a professional standard. Get in touch for a quote at [email protected]