Express Proofreading And Editing Service


Express Proofreading. Your Work Returned In Half The Time.

If our Next-Day Guarantee isn’t fast enough for you and you need your work back within 12 hours, our Express Service is exactly what you need.

Developed for customers who have same-day deadlines and need their work editing fast and effectively, simply add our Express Service at checkout and we will halve your guaranteed return time.


Upgrade To Express

You can upgrade to our Express Service for any document you have submitted, which will guarantee it is returned sooner. Simply go to the document in your user area and click to upgrade. After upgrading, you will see your new return time.

Super Express

On occasion, customers know that they need a document back in under 12 hours. We can normally meet these tight deadlines, especially if we have advanced warning. Please contact us if you have a Super Express request, and we will work with you to meet your deadline.

Try Us For Free

See for yourself how proofreading can take your writing to the next level. We offer all new customers a 500-word free sample to experience the power of proofreading without paying a penny.

Upload a 500-word sample for free now, using the code 500FREE at checkout.

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